About Advanced Telemetrics International

We are your Rotating, Wireless, Non-Contact, and Telemetry Measurement Specialists. Since its founding in 1989, Advanced Telemetrics International (ATi) has been in the business of solving unique rotating sensor measurements. ATi specializes in rotating telemetry systems which are used to couple data from rotating shafts or machinery to a stationary recorder. Advanced Telemetrics products have been utilized successfully in powertrain testing in automotive, aerospace and a variety of other R&D related applications.

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ATi Applications Include:

wireless helicopter balde balancing sensor

  • NASCAR: An instrumented yoke system monitors torque in real-time, "on-the-track". Our system was the first to provide reliable and accurate measurements of this kind. Rotating components were subjected to 10,000 RPM and extreme shock, heat and vibration. Did not require shock mounting.
  • 24 Channel Strain Gage monitoring system for Steam Turbine Blades.
  • Primate Research; 16 channel system transmits lower back strain from within primate specimen.
  • Automotive drive-shaft and half-shaft torque monitoring. Major powertrain facilities have standardized on our systems for in-vehicle torque measurement.
  • Driveshaft torque measurement aboard a High Speed NAVY Powerboat. All rotating components reside in a double cardan joint.
  • Shaft vibration monitoring on-board Naval submarine.
  • Torque Monitoring on shaft inside automatic transmission.
  • Temperature monitoring on separator plates inside automatic transmission.
  • Blade strain on Helicopter and Aircraft blades.