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ATi products have been used extensively for powertrain testing, in automotive, aerospace and a variety of other R&D related applications. ATi transmitters are crystal-based and do not require tuning. The crystalled operation also permits multiple channels to be used concurrently, with no cross-talk. The RF output signal from the transmitters is relatively powerful which makes the system very immune to electrical interference. Since the transmitters are potted in high strength epoxy, they are capable of operating in extremely hostile environments with excessive vibration and heat. ATi offers a wide range of telemetry transmitter products. Whether it’s a single channel or multi-channel system, a short range or long range requirement, ATi has a solution for most any transducer or sensor input. Our products include wireless telemetry systems, point to point telemetry systems, telemetry transmitters, telemetry receivers, rotating torque sensors, non-contact torque sensors, all types of rotating sensor measurements, and non-contact measurements

Custom & Embedded Systems

NVH Testing Products

Rotating Telemetry Systems

Telemetry System Components

Torsional Vibration Monitoring Systems

Wireless Torque Sensor Systems

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