Wireless Torque Sensor Systems



Wireless Torque Sensor Systems

ATi’s Wireless Torque Sensor Systems are utilized in applications where conventional torque transducers are not practical due to high shaft speeds, vibration, and dirty, oily environments. These factors pose major problems for conventional foot-mounted rotary torque transducers with bearings and slip rings.

The use of RF telemetry to transfer data eliminates the need for slip rings. This makes our wireless torque meter highly reliable and durable. Batteries or induction power is used to provide energy to the rotating sensor and transmitter. These technologies permit a great deal of movement between the rotating sensor and stationary loop antenna with no affect on the signal quality. Minimal alignment between the stationary and rotating components is required.

RF telemetry and induction power are also immune to dust and oil build-up, unlike infrared torque sensors which are sensitive to not only dirt build-up but shaft movements as well. Anyone who has struggled with an old-fashioned infrared keyless remote entry system for a vehicle will understand why all major automobile manufacturers have switched to RF technology – no pointing or aiming is required.

Dual Range Torque Sensor is available which allows a second range that can be 10% of the higher range’s full scale. Torque sensors are available in standard Disk, Flange and Shaft styles or can be customized to fit any application. ATi can also turn an existing system component into a wireless torque sensor.