Wheel Mounted Telemetry Systems




Wheel Mounted Telemetry Systems

ATi’s Wheel Mounted Telemetry System is designed for the measurement of critical parameters from a rotating wheel. In today’s highly competitive automobile marketplace, the safety and comfort of passengers is more important than ever and has higher consideration when consumers are choosing a new vehicle.

This new device, which comes in a multitude of configurations, allows manufacturers of wheel and tire components, as well as suspension and drive train mechanics, to accurately and thoroughly measure various parameters to best optimize the performance of their product. Designed to be mounted directly on the existing wheel rim without any modifications of the wheel hub, the system can be used to provide data on tire characteristics, suspension systems, brake performance, drive train and more.

Capable of withstanding the harsh environments of automobile road testing, the system can operate over the full speed range of light cars, trucks and SUV’s. The optional angle encoder determines the angular position of the wheel and the modular design allows transmitters to be easily swapped so different parameters or test setups can be configured. Hub adapters can be designed to accommodate both 4 or 5 lug patterns or customized lug patterns and include special Lug Nuts that are designed to replace stock lug nuts.

Consisting of one or more 2040 Series Transmitters, the system can accommodate acceleration, pressure, temperature and most any other measurement from a rotating wheel. These transmitters provide the needed excitation and signal conditioning of the sensor data which is transmitted via telemetry to a receiver module located within the vehicle cab for data collection and analysis. No FCC license is required to operate these transmitters.