Torsional Vibration Monitoring Systems



Torsional Vibration Monitoring Systems

ATi’s Torsional Vibration Monitoring Systems are used for Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) testing and analysis in automotive drivetrain, wind turbine gearbox and various other applications where measuring or monitoring rotating vibration is important. These systems are used to transmit torsional acceleration from a rotating shaft or component, while the machinery is running.

The system consists of a transmitter and two accelerometers housed in a rotating collar. The accelerometers are mounted 180 degrees apart with the output processed by the transmitter such that gravitational effects are cancelled. This proprietary circuitry permits extremely high sensitivity measurements. The conditioned signal is then transmitted to the receiver. Available in multiple and single piece versions, the rotating collars are available to clamp onto most any size shaft.

Transmitter Power is supplied in one of three ways: battery, rechargeable battery, or inductively. Inductive power delivered through a stationary loop antenna to a rotating antenna in the collar and is recommended for continuous, non-interrupted measurements. Visit our Power Options page for more information.

In addition to a display, the receiver also has analog outputs which can be monitored or recorded for analysis. Each system comes complete with all required accessories including: antennas, AC power adapter or DC power cord for Receiver, and all required cables.