Telemetry Receivers


Telemetry Receivers

ATi manufactures a wide range of telemetry receivers for use with our systems. Single channel, multi-channel and multiplexing telemetry receivers are available in various configurations, depending on the application.

A digital, backlit LCD display is the standard visual output on older model receivers. Newer model receivers include a digital, multifunction backlit display that includes a menu. The menu allows for selecting items such as the low pas filter frequency of the analog output, the receiver’s receive frequency and several other parameters depending on the system type. Transmitter temperature and transmitter power level is also usually displayed on the multifunction display.

Analog outputs are provided for integration with your data logger or data acquisition system. Standard analog outputs include: ±2 VDC, ±5 VDC, ±10 VDC; 0-2, 0-5, 0-10 VDC; or 4 – 20 mA. Other outputs can be provided on request. Older model receivers include both a filtered and wideband analog output. The standard low pass filter frequency is 100 Hertz, but any frequency can be specified. The newer model receivers with the multifunction display have a menu from which the low pass filter frequency may be selected.

Receivers are typically powered by a nominal 12 VDC. Other DC voltage ranges can be accommodated on request. Adapters are provided for operation from standard US and international AC line voltages.