Measurements in Motion:

Rotating Telemetry Systems

Specializing in rotating and wireless telemetry systems, Advanced Telemetrics International is in the business of solving unique measurement challenges. ATi manufactures telemetry systems which deliver data from rotating shafts, reciprocating rods or other moving machinery to stationary data acquisition and display instruments. Our products include rotating telemetry systems, wireless point to point telemetry systems, telemetry transmitters, telemetry receivers, rotating torque sensors, non-contact torque sensors, all types of rotating sensor measurements, and non-contact measurements.

band on telemetry system

ATi Introduces Band-on Rotating Telemetry Systems

The ATi Band-On Telemetry System transmits real-time sensor data from a rotating shaft, while the system is running. The system consists of one or more rotating signal conditioner/ transmitter modules with battery pack and a stationary receiver. Rotating transmitters are available to interface with most any type of sensor including strain gages, thermocouples, thermistors, RTDs and accelerometers.

The Kevlar band is available in different lengths so this easy to use Band-On system can accommodate just about any diameter shaft 2.3” or larger.  More…

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